A.G.A. is qualified partner, among the others, of:


  • IRETI, which is one of the leading national operator in the sector of water distribution network (with its Acquedotto di Savona) and of gas (Genova Reti Gas);
  • GRUPPO IREN, which is one of the leading national operator in the sector of water distribution, depuration and sewage, comprising former Mediterranea delle Acque, Idro Tigullio, Am.Ter. and Gruppo ACAM;
  • Amiu Genova which, with Amiu Bonifiche Group,  deals with waste management and of their disposal;
  • Aster, company of Comune di Genova, which works in the field of public utility services;
  • AIGA;
  • AMAT;
  • Istituto Italiano della Saldatura.

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